ANZSA-related publications: Hilary Elfick’s An Ordinary Storm

Hilary Elfick’s An Ordinary Storm — a meditation on The Tempest set in Polynesia, performed at the 2008 ANZSA conference in Dunedin — has recently (2010) been published by the University of Otago and now also appears in a UK edition, as follows:

An Ordinary Storm, available from Hilary ( or from The Humanities Dept, the University of Otago, ISBN 978-0-473-12071-9, published in 2007. This includes all the annotations and also the lecture she gave at the University about the writing of it. NZ$10.


An Ordinary Storm published in 2010 by Oversteps Books, available from Hilary ( or Oversteps £8 ISBN 978-1-906856-12-0. This has fewer annotations, is closer to the cut version we performed at the ANZSA congress, and includes a new Ariel section. (Ariel does not appear except by mention in the earlier version.) This latter edition was presented by Hilary at The Dartington Festival in the UK, July 2011 as part of an Oversteps Day there.