ARC Discovery Awards

Congratulations are in order for ANZSA members and affiliates, for success in the current ARC Discovery Grant round!

(Please let us know if we missed anyone!)


Prof. Hugh Craig and Dr Brett D. Hirsch
“Patterns in early modern english drama texts: a quantitative and qualitative analysis of dramatic genre, repertory and style, 1576-1642”
(Total $160,000)

Project Summary
This project combines traditional and innovative digital research methods to reveal and analyse underlying patterns and
contrasts in the plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Surveyed as a network rather than as individual works,
this project will produce new knowledge about Renaissance drama and its development.


Prof. Paul Salzman
“Literature and politics in the 1620s”
(Total $90,000)

Project Summary
The methodology used in this project will illuminate other areas of literature, including our own, because literary history
remains in need of sophisticated ways to understand how culture, politics, and society intersect.The 1620s did not
cordon writing and performance off from matters of state, but rather saw them as being intertwined.


Dr Rosalind L. Smith, Dr Patricia J. Pender, Prof. Paul Salzman, Dr Kate Lilley, Dr Sarah C. Ross, Dr Michelle O’Callaghan, and Prof. Susan Wiseman
“The material cultures of early modern women’s writing: editing, reception and mediation”
(Total $210,000)

Project Summary
This project provides the first comprehensive account of how early modern women’s writing was produced and circulated
from its original appearance to the present day. Changing the ways in which we read and value women’s writing, it will
produce new knowledge about early modern texts and their afterlives.