CFP – “On Page and Stage: Shakespeare, 1590-1890”: 8th December 2012. A one day conference at Bangor University, Wales.

The Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies – Bangor-Aberystwyth, the British Shakespeare Association and the School of English, Bangor University, are pleased to announce “On Page and Stage: Shakespeare, 1590-1890”, a one day conference to be held at Bangor University on 8th December 2012.

Conference Organisers: Stephen Colclough & Andrew Hiscock

Guest Speaker: Professor Andrew Gurr (Reading University)
Shakespeare editor and author of “Playgoing in Shakespeare’s London”.

This one-day conference focuses upon performances, interpretations and publications of Shakespeare in the pre-modern period in the UK and beyond. It is envisaged that delegates will be addressing this subject from a number of disciplinary perspectives and presentations on the following subjects would be particularly welcome:

  • Shakespearean Performances 1590-1890s and Performance Reportage
  • Shakespearean Theatre History 1590-1890
  • World Shakespeares 1590-1890
  • Critical Responses to Shakespeare 1590-1890: e.g. journalism, diaries, correspondence
  • Reading Shakespeare 1590-1890: e.g. criticism, education, annotated editions
  • Material Shakespeare 1590-1890: mise-en-scène and mise-en-page
  • Shakespeare as Political Icon 1590-1890

These and other related subjects will be considered for presentation at this conference. Abstracts of no more than 200 words should be sent to the conference organising committee at no later than Friday 12th October 2012. All abstracts should include the proposer’s name, title, mailing address, email address, institutional affiliation, student/employed status.