CFP: Shakespeare – The Next 400 Years

Elsinore Conference 2016





In 2005, the Chinese University of Hong Kong first hosted the Chinese Universities’ Shakespeare Festival.  The goal of the festival was to have Chinese speaking universities submit a 20 minute interpretation of one of Shakespeare’s plays.  The restrictions were that each submission could be no more than 20 minutes long, text from the plays only, and the casting was restricted to 3 actors.  This festival created some very interesting and intriguing presentations and interpretations.  The last festival occurred in 2014.

For this conference, the seminar will have a two-pronged approach.  Papers on adaptations of Shakespeare, in any format, are welcome as are 20 minute Shakespeare presentations, using the remit of the CUSF as the format of the presentation.  It is our hope that there will be a number of presentations that will include students and faculty as well as scholars and researchers.  The boundaries of this seminar are quite fluid except for the CUSF format.

Please submit proposals/abstracts of approximately 150-200 words by Monday, 15 December 2015 to

For further information, please contact Dr. Ian Maclennan at