Following cancellation of the 2020 biennial conference of the Australian and New Zealand Shakespeare Association due to the ongoing global pandemic, ANZSA will be hosting an online event for postgraduates and early career researchers (ECR) working in any area of study or practice commensurate with the broader field of Shakespeare Studies. We are calling for expressions of interest for participation from scholars or practitioners who qualify either as postgraduate students (those currently enrolled in a postgraduate program, or undertaking leave of absence from the same) or as ECR (normally applies to those within five years of the award of their postgraduate qualification, or prior to securing a continuing academic position) to discuss your current work and concerns or hopes for the future.

“Well Met” aims to provide an opportunity for connection that the loss of the conference may deprive to the future leaders in the field to which ANZSA is committed to providing support. Participation will be free of charge and may take the form of involvement in seminar-style discussions or presentation of 15-minute papers in panel sessions of up to three speakers and with time for questions. All meetings will be conducted via Zoom hosted by a member of the Association acting as Chair for the session. We recognise that Zoom fatigue is a real concern in these times, and so all participants are welcome to commit to as much or as little of the full program as they can safely undertake. Participation can also therefore include opting to audit as many sessions as you like, even if you do not intend to register as a speaker in a seminar or panel session.

Seminar discussions will take one of two forms: 1. Work-in-Progress Rounds (WiP Rounds), in which participants circulate a paragraph describing a current project or production they would like to discuss with others, and the Chair moderates discussion of participants’ work; 2. Hot Topics, in which a moderated discussion will be conducted on a topic or current issue of interest to participants (identified in the EOI, details below). Seminar groups will be kept to a manageable number based on the level of interest received in these sessions, with groups curated by the organisers based on topics identified in the EOIs.

There will be workshops run for registered participants, with details to be confirmed closer to the event. The Lloyd Davis Memorial Prize will also be contested this year, with the top three shortlisted finalists invited to present their papers in a dedicated plenary panel session scheduled during the “Well Met” event (submission details below).

To register an EOI for the “Well Met” event, please send the following information along with your name and email address to the Secretary of ANZSA, Dr Huw Griffiths, at [huw.griffiths@sydney.edu.au] by no later than 26 October 2020:

Category Justification (one sentence explaining eligibility to qualify as postgraduate or ECR, which includes those who have not secured their first continuing academic position)

Preferred Participation modes – indicate preference for one or more modes from:

  1. 15-minute Paper (please provide a working title to assist with panel curation);
  2. WiP Rounds seminar (please provide a working title or topic of project);
  3. Hot Topics seminar (please provide a brief statement identifying one or two topics or issues that are of primary interest);
  4. Audit only

Preferred Dates: please identify if there is any day from 2 to 5 December on which you would prefer your speaking commitment to be scheduled.

*For the Lloyd Davis Memorial Prize (2020) please refer to the previous bulletin.